Jeffery Alan Jones is an imaginative and experienced film composer. His unique style can be heard in over 100 films, commercials and video games. Mr. Jones is well versed in all styles of music and has composed music for a variety of movie genres. Recent feature films include; "The King of Fighters," starring Maggie Q, "The Gold Retrievers," starring Billy Zane and Steve Guttenberg and "Man Women, Film," starring Cameron Diaz. His music can also be heard regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic, MTV and Fuel TV as well as many others. Recent winner of the Los Angeles Composer Competition, Mr. Jones was commissioned to conduct his winning orchestral composition, "Cinema Fantastic" with the National Chinese Symphony Orchestra in Beijing, China. Creatively, Mr. Jones brings a unique and organic musical voice that works with the subtext of every story and regardless of the film's style or genre, he brings a wealth of creativity and experience to every film project.

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